About Us

Our story starts in 2005 when our founder, Jack Carruthers wanted to share the information, contacts and resources of the “web 2.0” with the world.

At the time, the blog was just a side line, a secondary concern to his day job as a professional within the IT industry.

Very quickly, the site became a hit – a big one – with all the industry players and relevant professionals dropping in to see what he would publish next.

It was not long before Jack realized that he could not keep up with the demand for a weekly blog and began recruiting help from others in the field. He was soon joined by a small, but dedicated team of part time writers, journalists and IT professionals, all contributing to the site on the various topics of tech, start up and innovations.

And it was also quickly apparent that this blog was a full time job and so he quit his high flying IT job. At the time, co workers and friends thought that he was mad – but since then he has proved them right!

Having gone from strength to strength over the intervening twelve years, this blog is now one of the most influential amongst IT leaders and professionals. It has a specific focus on IT projects within the public sector, since this is such a large area.

Our contributors have grown multi fold and we have a regular team of twenty journalists and bloggers.

But this does not mean that we aren’t on the lookout for more, fresh and talented voices to join our merry band.

If you have an idea for a blog post, we would be pleased to see it. Posts should be no more than 500 words and should be written clearly and in good English.

To chat with our editor about the types of the subjects we would like to see, please contact us for an informal chat.