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While often portrayed as the agency responsible for catching licence dodgers, TV Licensing also has a wider remit, supplying advice and information to help clarify the legal requirements about the TV licence and how and where concessions and free licences are available.

In getting this message across, Quadrant has worked with TV Licensing to raise awareness of their role across Wales and the South West of England. Our PR campaign involves working closely with local, regional and Welsh national press and media to clarify the methods of buying a licence, the qualifications for concessions and free licences as well as the consequences for not having one. In so doing, we fulfil the role of press office with a dedicated telephone line, 24-hour response service, issues management and fully trained spokespeople.

Quadrant is part of a UK-wide PR team, co-ordinated centrally by Fishburn Hedges and through working closely with them we are able to implement a national plan to secure quality press and media coverage throughout our designated regions.



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