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Friday 06 August 2010


Aimee Walsh is facing the challenge of a lifetime as she gears up to run the Cardiff half marathon in October.

The decision to run the half marathon was made in July when Aimee met up with a few of her cousins and decided that they would like to run in honour of their uncles - Kevin and Dennis ‘Taffy’ Walsh – who have sadly passed way.

Senior Account Executive for Quadrant Media & Communications, Aimee said, “We really wanted to do it for a great cause so decided that in honour of our uncles we would choose the following charities – Parkinson's UK as Taffy suffered from this, and Diabetes UK which Kevin suffered with throughout most of his life.

“Although having ran the Cardiff half marathon a few years ago and suffered with knee injuries and muscle aches for days afterwards, I knew what I would be letting myself in for! But, I really wanted to give something back to the people that really need it the most!

“I am part of a huge family and losing two uncles in a short space of time has really hit home how precious life is. If running a painful 13 miles is going to help just a few people with diabetes and Parkinson’s, I don’t see why more people don’t rise to the challenge.”

Aimee has started a blog online to capture her grueling training up to the marathon -

You can also sponsor Aimee by visiting her online fundraising pages:

Diabetes UK

Parkinson’s UK



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