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Tuesday 19 April 2011


Watch the latest episode of Europe and You now - the programme which looks at the local issues and stories happening in Europe which affect you.

This month, in the Europe and You studio debate, former investment banker turned MEP, Vicky Ford and self-confessed trailing husband Jake Shaw discuss the statistics that suggest women remain poorly represented at the top of British business.

The panel looks at how Norway has introduced compulsory quotas which have seen female representation in the boardroom jump from a quarter to nearly half in just five years and how Sweden is offering incentives to fathers to stay at home to look after their children. Are they models we should learn from in the UK?

Europe and You has also been following the family of an ex-footballer who are campaigning for a European law to be introduced to help victims of accidents and violent crimes abroad.

Robbie Hughes was attacked in Crete in 2008 and suffered serious head injuries. His mother, Maggie, says, besides limited support from the British embassy, they didn’t know where to turn for help and advice.

She wants that to change and has taken her campaign to the EU with the help of London MEP, Claude Moraes.

To view the latest programme click here

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