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Tuesday 17 May 2011


The latest episode of Europe and You is available to view now – have a look at local issues and stories happening in Europe which may affect you.

The EU recently revealed that Europe as a whole has fallen short of its commitment to give 0.56 per cent of national incomes by 2010 to developing countries.

However unlike other EU countries that have been cutting back aid due to the current economic climate, the UK is still increasing its donations.

Although the coalition government has made stringent cuts across most departments, its development aid has been protected. As a result of this, the UK will have given £7.8 billion to developing countries across 2010 -2011.

Quadrant Journalists Georg von Harrach and Andrea Mott discussed the issue in the studio with Pieter Cleppe from the Think Tank, Open Europe, and Laura Sullivan from Action Aid.

Europe and You also followed the journey of ten-year-old Alexia Sloane from Cambridgeshire who was invited to visit the European Parliament by Robert Sturdy MEP.
Alexia who lost her sight at the age of two was born with a rare condition which makes her susceptible to developing tumours. Despite her illness, Alexia is an impressive linguist – she can already speak French and Spanish and is currently learning Chinese. Robert Sturdy MEP invited her to the European Parliament in Brussels to give Alexia a taster of what it takes to work as an interpreter.

To watch the full programme click here

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