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Friday 23 December 2011


Europe & You

Europe & You is a monthly programme produced by Quadrant – our Brussels based journalists report on local issues and stories happening in Europe which affect us here in Britain.

This month…

Business Bible

A South West MEP has recently published a new guide designed to help businesses find out how they can access EU funding.

With many companies in the UK struggling, Europe has a range of funds available which could help. The guide (SESAME) will help to explain what the money is for, and what to do to qualify for the cash.

Giles Chichester MEP said: “What businesses need most is a central source of information.”

To watch the full story click here.

Intelligent Freight

A ground-breaking new app for smart phones and tablet computers is dramatically improving safety for lorries and their drivers, according to the team behind the project.

North Sea Freight Intelligent Transport Solutions - NS FRITS - has been developed jointly by universities, police and a Yorkshire based charity ‘People United Against Crime’ alongside colleagues in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

Using the latest technology, information on crime hotspots, traffic and parking is beamed direct to the driver.

Half the £4 million cost of developing the trial app has been met by the EU but now the team wants more money to roll out the project across Europe.
To watch the full story click here.

Visit the Europe & You website to watch the programme in full – you will also find information on your local MEPs along with their latest interviews on the issues which impact on you.



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