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Wednesday 28 April 2010


An international conference held in Warsaw just as the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud grounded world flights was saved from disaster by Cardiff based corporate communications company Quadrant.

The week-long European Wind Energy Association conference was being held in Warsaw and expecting delegates from all corners of the globe when disaster struck in the form of volcanic ash. Much of European airspace was closed and the conference was faced with losing many important delegates.

Quadrant’s solution was its Q-Stream service which broadcast the conference live via the web allowing stranded delegates to participate from the comfort of their desks.

Of 5,000 delegates expected just under 3,000 made it, while over 1,400 watched live on Q-Stream.

Quadrant is getting more and more requests to provide its streaming service for a wide range of events. Live web streaming cuts down the need for delegates to travel long distances, enables countries to be brought together and can provide an inter active service allowing delegates to contribute live into conference debates.

Q-Stream also provides a watch-again solution with events being recorded and available via the web over a period of time.

The Cardiff-based corporate communications company is now seen as a European leader of web-based communications solutions with major blue chip companies and major public sector agencies making up its client list.

Said head of Quadrant’s broadcast team, Colin Stevens: “We have invested heavily in creating solutions for clients. Q-Stream offers a real alternative to gathering large number of people together in one location, bringing not only financial savings, but enabling events to be run sustainably – which is becoming vitally important to so many of our clients.”



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